Sunday, December 21, 2008

Just to get relax

so i just want somewhere to write and get into being creative again.  so that is that.  anyhow, i wanted to talk about this thing i do when i am trying to sleep.  it is comforting.  i think of a pitcher throwing a pitch and then a hitter either swinging and hitting the ball or missing. sometimes the batter takes the pitch.  the scene is always in a ball field out in a fairly desolate area, nice weather, warm but not hot and usually no one or very few people around except for the teams fielded.  
i am not sure why this is so comforting, but it always relaxes me.  it puts me in a meditative state of mind.  i suppose it is the setting of the symmetry of the ball field combined with the nice day in a desolate place.  i believe i am describing just before the big boom of strip malls filling in even in the most country of locations.  maybe it is me longing of the city of orange where i was raised in the 80's when it was a basic place without much pretense.  it just was a place. 
i also like the motion of the pitcher in my head, mostly a lefty, curling his arm and releasing a curveball with perfect break.  and the hitter driving the ball into the gap.  or missing.  over and over again.  just the motions of the players smoothly moving.  sort of like clockwork.  
so like clockwork, this will happen tonight and and any other time i wish to slow down.

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